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What is Home Remodeling? | Here's what to know for remodeling in Charlotte, NC

Aug 15

What is Home Remodeling?

Bathroom Remodeling

Kitchen counter after kitchen remodeling projectThe bathroom is a popular place for home remodeling. Bathrooms get a lot of foot traffic over time and sign of wear becomes apparent. The bathroom looks fresh and clean with new tile, a tub insert, and new fixtures. A whirlpool tub and stand-up shower, as well as double sinks, can add a touch of elegance to your home.

You can also completely remodel your bathroom to create a space that suits your needs. A complete bathroom remodeling is more cost-effective than an update. Although it is more costly, the benefits of a complete remodel will outweigh the cost in the long-term in terms both in terms and resale.



Kitchen Home Renovation

Kitchen cabinets after kitchen renovation in charlotte by Jireh RemodelingEvery year, kitchen styles and design options evolve and your perfect kitchen becomes less and less appealing. Your old kitchen design features can suddenly become obsolete. It might be time for a kitchen remodel or update if it is looking like it did years ago. Consider new lighting fixtures, countertops, floors, cabinets and appliances.

A Kitchen Remodel can offer more than just updating parts. Consider how you use your kitchen before deciding whether an update or remodel is the best option.

Remodeling Bedrooms

Remodeling bedrooms is usually more cosmetic. A bedroom remodel can be as simple as changing the paint color or adding new curtains or linens.

Home remodeling can make your bedroom feel like a master suite. A small closet can be transformed into a walk-in wardrobe that has mirrors. A bathroom can be added to the bedroom. Remodel the space to add an office or craft area. Your bedroom will be your sanctuary for hours of sleep, daydreaming and dressing up.

Renovation of Living Room/Family Space in a Home

Construction worker from Jireh Remodeling measuring countertop in kitchenTo create a larger living space/family room, add on to your home. Turn a cluttered garage into delightful den. Your living space can now include a dining room. You can enjoy outdoor living in the summer, winter and spring by creating an outdoor space. Remodeling your home can give you more space to make your home more comfortable and livable. Imagine how much fun your family will have with a brand new family room, outdoor dining area or living space.

Many homeowners aren't able to leave their beautiful, renovated homes for days after finishing a remodel.

To ensure the highest quality of work, let a professional in the construction field handle your home renovation. Jireh Remodeling is a leader in all aspects of construction in the Metro Atlanta region. Contact us at 704-981-8285 to learn more about Charlotte Kitchen Remodeling.


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