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Choosing A Professional Carpet Installationc

Jul 28

As we've discussed, carpet installation is a big job, and if you're going to go with professionals, you want to ensure you're getting the best work for the price you pay. So the first thing you'll need to do is search for an installer. There are many companies out there that will do carpet installation, including large home-improvement stores. 


Also, most carpet retailers have their installation staff. The upside to working with your retailer is that a warranty should fully cover your carpet and installation; however, it will be more expensive than going with an independent contractor. If you want to hire an independent installer that will provide the same level of service, you might have to do a bit more searching.


3 Steps to Choosing the Right  Professional Carpet Installation


As a homeowner or renovator, you have a lot of decisions to make when it comes to making your new house a home. Everything from countertops to windows and from lighting to flooring. These decisions can be stressful for many homeowners, so the additional task of installing all the components can be overwhelming. For example, when it comes to Seattle flooring and carpets, many people choose to put rugs in at least a few rooms of their home. Some choose to do it themselves, while others prefer to have a carpet installation company do the dirty work for them.


If you are of the latter and decide to have a carpet company install your new carpet professionally, what should you be looking for when choosing that company? You did research when shopping for the right rug, so it's essential to put in the same time and effort when you select a carpet installer. Here are a few things to think about if you are in that stage of the process:

  • Check the Experience of the Contractor


It's essential to be sure the carpet installer you choose has the right experience for the job. It can be tempting to go with an amateur because the quote is cheap, but don't let that be your only factor. A good rule of thumb is whether the company you choose has at least five years of experience. If they don't, find out the knowledge of the workers themselves and whether they've installed the type of carpeting you're going to have in your home. It's unwise to hire an amateur company that hasn't established your type of flooring before, and you're much more likely to have problems arise down the line, causing you stress and costing you more money.\


  •  Be Sure the Installers are Licensed


Maybe more important than the contractor's experience level is whether they are licensed and bonded to do the work for you. Usually, you can find this information on their website, but it is wise to ask for their documents for yourself. If a company refuses or makes excuses as to why you cannot see them, realize this as a red flag. If the company is not insured, many other legal problems could arise, especially if someone gets hurt or injured while working on your property. Be smart and protect yourself and hire an insured carpet installer in Seattle. 

  •  Check Their References


The third thing you should look for when choosing a carpet installer is to check recent references. It's essential to look at current homeowners they've worked with so you have a clear idea that they're good at what they do and have maintained a good reputation. Ask for three references and check them for yourself. This is a good indicator of their integrity and commitment to doing the job right.

The carpet is then unrolled onto the floor and secured with carpet tacks or staples. If there are any seams, they are sewn together using a carpet needle and carpet thread. May use Tacks or nails to secure carpet tacking strips to the floor. Next, we cut off the excess carpet from the room's edges, allowing for a uniform carpet border around all sides. If you are using carpet tile instead of carpet rolls, the tiles are installed with special adhesive caulking. Carpet installation services can be expensive, but they are a wise investment that will add beauty and comfort to your home for many years. If you need help, call us at Vinyl Flooring & Beyond!