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Your flooring is resilient to drops, spills as well furniture, and foot traffic. While all flooring has a long life expectancy and resists many types of damage, some flooring can be made more durable to meet particular needs. It is possible to assess the abrasion classes of laminate flooring and determine whether it is sturdy enough for everyday usage in your space. For those who are planning on building a new home, or replacing an existing floor with laminate, it's important to understand the laminate class ratings in order to make the best decision.

It's possible to learn more about laminate abrasion class ratings. We'll cover all you need to learn about AC ratings.

What are Abrasion Classes Ratings?

AC ratings (also known as Abrasion class ratings) is an industry-wide system to classify laminate flooring according to its durability. Laminate flooring is available with a variety of styles, textures, colors, and AC ratings. AC ratings aren't meant to be a criterion for determining the quality of low-quality flooring. AC ratings can be used to sort laminate flooring into the appropriate categories so that you can make wise investments in your space.

How is laminate flooring classified?

The "wear layers" are the topmost layer of laminate flooring. They contain a protective coating that prevents moisture from staining your floors. Unbiased, independent testers run each AC rating test on this layer and assign laminate flooring to one of five classifications. The testers use various methods and techniques to deliberately wear the protective coating on the wear layers and determine how durable and resilient each piece of flooring is.

What are the Different Abrasion Classes Ratings for Laminate Flooring Products?

AC ratings can be used for commercial or residential flooring. Each AC rating is 60% higher than any previous. The five types are:

  • AC1 Laminate flooring is the heaviest for moderate residential use. It can withstand very light foot traffic.
  • AC2:AC2 floor is intended for residential use. Use it in rooms with moderate foot traffic.
  • AC3 -AC3 floor is the most resilient residential laminate. This laminate is suitable for areas that have heavy foot traffic or residential spaces that require a lot more durability.
  • AC4:AC4 cannot be used in residential areas. Instead, place this flooring in moderately-used areas of your commercial space.
  • AC5:AC5 has the longest-lasting laminate flooring and is suitable for commercial use.

It is important to remember that an AC rating does not indicate the durability of laminate flooring. It does not necessarily indicate the quality of workmanship or overall quality.

How to find the right Abrasion Class Rating for your Flooring

Make sure you consider your space when selecting laminate flooring for home or business.

How do you use the space?

Consider the space you're using it in, and what purpose it serves. Most likely, you'll need more than one type of laminate flooring for your home. Each piece is rated based on foot traffic.

  • Residential space: Think about your lifestyle before you add flooring to your home. Do you cook a lot in your kitchen? AC1 and AC2 laminate floorings are intended for residential use. AC1 can also be used in guest rooms, formal dining rooms, and storage closets. AC2 is for more frequented spaces, like bedrooms or your home's office. AC3 is intended for areas in your home where you spend most of the time such as the kitchen, living area, staircase, and hallways.
  • Commercial Spaces: Analyze which parts of the building are most commonly used for commercial purposes. You can use AC3, AC4, and AC5 flooring in your commercial space. AC3 flooring works well in areas where you don't use it as often, such as closets or hotel rooms. AC4 can be used in small shops, offices, and specialty shops. AC5 is reserved for places that see high foot traffic, such as shopping malls, sales floors, and restaurants.


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